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Our Mission

Help People In Need

Mission Help Others

With nearly 2.5 million homeless children in America as of 2014 we here at HANDS felt that we needed to make a direct impact. Currently we are raising money in order to provide essential products and nonperishable items to our homeless children. This is Mission Help Others.

In a time when most Americans have TVs, cell phones, and a house to sleep in there are millions of unnoticed children shivering alone in the streets.

Many of these children may go days without some of the simplest things that we may take for granted everyday. Help us raise $170,000 to meet our first goal of donating a Hand-A-Box to every homeless child in Akron, Ohio.

100% Helps The Cause

100% of all proceeds help the cause. Meaning your donation will actually make a difference.

Help People In Need

If we all work together there is no goal that we cannot accomplish. Join us to help those in need.

Give To Homeless Kids

With approx 2.5 million homeless children in America its time we all stand together to help our children.

Change The World

Helping those in need is a duty all of humanity should share, you’re the start for making an impact.

Current Goal

Hand-A-Boxes To Homeless Children

  • Help Us Achieve Our Current Goal 10%

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Because Homeless Children Need Your Help

Currently we are working to give each homeless child in our hometown of Akron, Ohio a Hand-A-Box. These Hand-A-Boxes will be filled with items such as hygiene products, meal bars, soap, water, and other nonperishable food. We will deliver each box to homeless shelters around the area so homeless children can pick them up when they are in need.

We need your help because we cannot do this alone. Help us provide 1700 homeless children a Hand-A-Box so that they can have basic hygiene and survival items that some take for granted. Donate Today because you want homeless children to know that people do still care.

Lifetime Goal

Hand-A-Boxes To People In Need

  • Help Us Achieve Our Lifetime Goal 2%

People All Over America Need Your Help

As we walk to our jobs each day, or head to lunch its likely that we will pass someone that could use your help. Whether its a homeless man pan handling at the corner, a homeless child sleeping on the park bench, or even a battered animal aimlessly walking the neighborhood. At this moment we have a decision to make, do we help the needy, or keep walking?

It is our life goal to give 1 Million Hand-A-Boxes to homeless children, deployed military members, homeless adults, sheltered animals and many other people that need help. If we are to take on this huge task, we need your help! Show someone in need that you care, and donate today because helping others is a priority for us all.

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