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Help Homeless Children

Because No Child Should Be Sleeping In Our Streets

Did you Know?

57% of homeless children go at least one day without food.


39% of the homeless population is under the age of 18.


83% experience one or more serious violent event by age 12.


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Help Homeless Children Because You Care

Homeless children need your help! Each day in America we have millions of homeless children wandering the cold and dangerous streets. These brave children go without food, water, hygiene products, and often struggle to find a safe place to sleep. With poverty increasing in the United States more and more children need your help.

With your help we can provide basic products. Meal bars, water, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc for homeless children to receive when they check into homeless shelters. Your donation will go directly to buying these products and delivering them via Hand-A-Boxes to homeless shelters around the nation. Each box will help a homeless child enjoy some of the everyday items that others may often take for granted. We can’t accomplish this alone, only you can lend us a hand.

Collective effort is what makes an impact and all of us working together can reverse these horrible statistics. Show how much you care by joining our movement to help homeless children and be a part of the change.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Here’s How Your Donation Will Make A Difference

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100% Of Your Donation Will Help Others In Need

HANDS does not pay any person or entity salary/compensation out of donation money. Which means that when you donate to help homeless children, you know that your money is going to do just that. This is a promise that we stand behind. Learn More About How We Donate All Proceeds

Your Donation Will Provide Basic Products To Homeless Children

Each donation raised will be used in order to purchase products such as water, meal bars, soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc and will be put into Hand-A-Boxes.

Homeless Children Will Enjoy A Box You Made Real

The Hand-A-Boxes that are made each month will then be donated to homeless shelters across the nation so that homeless children can use them.

Show A Homeless Child How Much You Care

As humans it is our job to show others how much we care. Homeless children battle each day just to survive. These children not only need food, but love as well. Each donation used to help a homeless child shows the world how much you care and that there is help.

Helping Others Will Bring Good Karma

You probably don’t help others in order to get recognition, but the world always recognizes good deeds. No matter what you believe, the act of helping homeless children will surely bless you.