Help Homeless Children In America

Help Others

Because Its An Effort Only You Can Make

Our Current Project

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Join Our Movement To Help Homeless Children

With nearly 2.5 million homeless children in America as of 2014 we felt inspired to make a direct impact. Which is why we are raising money in order to help homeless children in America. Only you can help these brave children in their time of need.

Today many of us enjoy the luxury of having a nice place to sleep, a cell phone, and maybe even a car to drive around. While we enjoy these “simple” items there are children sleeping in our streets without even a bite to eat. Help us provide basic items to these homeless children so they to can enjoy some of the simple things in life.

Our Past Projects

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Here’s How We’ve Helped People In The Past

Since HANDS has been established it has been our goal to help others. During our journey we have met many amazing world changers that have allowed us to help 3 different causes so far.

In the past we have

  • Sent care-packages to deployed military members with the help of the USO.
  • Helped and donated products to 3 families affected by Cancer.
  • Donated animal food, treats and other products to the Canton Humane Society.